Medical Training Therapy (MTT)

Медицинская тренировочная терапия (МТТ)

Комплексный подход к терапии: баланс между мышечной силой и выносливостью.


The Medical Training Therapy (MTT) is a concept of muscular strengthening by using specific motion sequences that will reduce or eliminate pain symptoms.

MTT must only be used with specific medical training equipment different from the common equipment at fitness studios.  The body is fixed to the equipment at an optimum angle. The execution of the therapeutical steps is computer-monitored.


Knowing the Causes for Back Pain and Specifically Strengthening the Muscular System.

Today we know that chronic back pain is mostly due to an insufficient shape of the autochthonous back muscles or the deep back extensors respectively. Erectness and stability of the spine are primarily provided by exactly these muscles.

For this reason, the Medical Training Therapy starts at this point. By means of the MTT – i.e. a specific and systematic strengthening of the atrophied muscles – approximately 80 % of the patients will be nearly pain-free afterwards.

This result could be scientifically proven by our 2005 Wurzburg Studies. Even patients having suffered from many years of therapy-resistant chronic back pain can return to an active pain-free life.

Moreover, also in case of dsk protrusions and herniated disks requiring no surgery, a symptom-free status can be achieved by means of this treatment.




Towards an Active Life without Back Pain.

MTT starts where physiotherapy is evidently not suitable for building up strength, namely in building the autochthonous (involuntary) back muscles. These muscles are of crucial importance to the stability  of the spine.

A weakening of these muscles (e.g. by avoiding movement due to pain) is a main reason for nearly all diseases of the spine and problems with intervertebral disks.

The intervertebral disks enable the three-dimensional movement of the spine and are the major spinal buffering and supporting structure. A constant movement of the singular spine segments is necessary in order to ensure the supply of the spine by diffusion and to improve the blood circulation of the adjacent structures.


Medical Training Therapy – our Solution for your Back Problem.

The Medical Training Therapy has been conceived in order to restore full functionality of the spine (strength, flexibility, staying power) by means of training and enhancing the muscular system.

MTT requires computer controlled high-end equipment for medical therapy. This is essential in order to carry through isolated trainings of the cervical and lumbar spine extensors with low impact on joints and disks.

This is achieved by fixing the patient to the equipment in an optimum position. The isolation of the spine stabilizing muscles is the crucial aspect of our successful therapy.




Before the Therapy: Indications and Analysis.

We will start by testing the strength of the dorsal extensors in order to evaluate whether or not  the reason for the pain is really atrophy and/or an intramuscular imbalance of the corresponding muscle group.

On the basis of these test values, the computer calculates the patient’s strength curve. This curve is compared to the standard references as related to age, gender and weight. Nearly all pain patients show restricted flexibility (range of motion) and a strength level of the dorsal extensors which is too low, or in general a diagram deviating from the standard curve.


The Therapy – Step by Step.

  • Dynamic training with progression sches Training mit progressiver Belastungssteigerung.
  • Supervised by a physician (planning and control), every training unit is carried through by therapists, who have received a university degree in medicine or sports or have a physiotherapeutical qualification as basic education.
  • Our practice offers 30 high-tech devices for medical therapy. An overall series of 12 – 18 (at a maximum of 25) therapeutic units should be taken once or twice a week.
  • Each therapeutical unit includes a dynamical auxotonic training of the deeper back extensors. The muscles will be strained up to local exhaustion. By means of a torque disk the resistance, i.e. the training weight, is variably adapted in correspondence with an optimum curve diagram of the strength curve.
  • In case the targeted time under strain is exceeded, the training weight is increased.




Main Indications for Medical Training Therapy

  • Back pain in all forms
  • Pain due to tensions of the cervical and neck muscles
  • Headaches, migrane, tinnitus
  • Muscular insufficiencies and muscular malfunctions
  • Status after spine surgery
  • Osteoporosis
  • Status after acceleration or decelleration trauma
    (‘catapult trauma’, fractures etc..)
  • Degenerative affections of the spine (osteochondrosis, spondylosis, spinal stenosis)
  • Disk protrusions and prolapses where no surgery is necessary
  • Postural weakness and faults (e.g. scoliosis, segmental instability, spondylolisthesis etc…)
  • Diseases of rheumatoid origin (chronic poly-arthritis, m. Bechterev, fibro-myalgia etc .)

In case of indications given, MTT is medically prescribed. 


Ensuring Quality Standards through Scientific Evaluation.

Objective quality assurance of the therapeutical execution is guaranteed by the International Society for Medical Strengthening Therapy (GMKT) ti which we are committed for many years now. Since 2009, MD Florian Maria Alfen is international chairman of the GMKT.

After the therapeutic unit 12 or 18 respectively, the isometric strength test is repeated in order to document the improvement of flexibility and strength. Any changes in the patient’s subjective pain perception are recorded in the West Haven Yale University Multi Dimensional Pain Inventory. The patient will fill out this WHIMPY pain questionnaire before every strength test.

As a routine, the patients are regularly invited for follow-ups at 6 and 12 months after the end of the MTT.

Documentation and evaluation of the data allow a scientific analysis of the therapeutic results, thus helping to ensure our quality standards.

According to our own scientific studies (Endoskopia) as well as according to studies in the United States and Europe, 80 % of the patients suffering from chronic back pain remain pain-free after undergoing Medical Training Therapy. This result is confirmed in our practice – every day.


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